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Friday, May 17, 2013

Video Links

I'm not sure how many people will see this but... 

Emails were sent out last night with the video links.  We didn't think we'd reach the download limits but apparently everyone decided to download at once and Isaac's Dropbox account is now locked.  He's working on unlocking it but it will probably not happen until Monday.  I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.

Please feel free to share copies of the video with grandparents, etc... but please do so by sending them on a flash drive, etc... Not by sharing the link.  That will help each family get their copy in a timely manner.  If you have already shared the link with other family members, please ask them not to use it and arrange another way to get them a copy of the video. 

If I have any other updates, I'll email them tonight.  So sorry!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thank you! And photos!

Hi everyone! 

Thank you so much for an amazing show!  I am still struggling to express what's in my heart, but know that I loved every moment of the process.  There was something extra special about this group that I am holding very dear! 

I know some families are dealing with the post show sadness already so I wanted to share some photos Nichole Murphey took -- maybe it will help to look and think of the fun memories!  (I was going to wait to share with the video info but that may take a little while still.) 

Here's the link:

You will be asked for a password.  The password is ocean. 

Once you're in, you can look around, upload, order, etc... If you are a shutterfly member, you can also add your photos to share if you'd like! 

Thank you again!  And I'll be in touch once the recordings of the show are ready!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

This week.

Thank you all for a beautiful opening weekend!  It was such an incredible team effort and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the show!  A few things you should know... 

There are a lot of outstanding TBD tickets.  We've had so many email orders and walk up ticket purchases this weekend, I think it would be wise to reserve TBD tickets rather than counting on them being available the day of.  So if you know when you are using yours, please shoot an email to 

The Sea Cast was recorded this weekend (Thank you Mark Dahm!).  It will also be recorded next week for the Sand Cast.  These recordings will be available to all families for downloading sometime after the show. 

No rehearsal Wednesday (it was TBD).  We'll be fine without it, but please be on time Friday because I will want to review a few things to refresh memories before we start the show.

As much as I hate to think about the show closing, it's coming and we can still use your help!  Immediately following the show, we will need to break down/clean up the theater.  If you are able to stay and help or if you have a truck and some muscles you would be willing to use to move set pieces back into storage, it would be much appreciated.  It goes pretty quickly when everyone works together!  Please let me know (if you haven't already) if you are planning to be there!  (Remember, if you're reading this in your email, don't reply -- send the email to  Your help is also welcome for set up (immediately following the closing show) and/or clean up for the cast party at the Senior Center!

Same schedule this week as last week: 
Friday - 5:30 Call | 7:00 Show - Sand Cast

Saturday - 2:00 Call | 3:00 Show - Sand Cast
                   6:00 Call | 7:00 Show - Sea Cast

Sunday - 2:00 Call | 3:00 Show - Sea Cast
                Set Strike - Break Down & Clean up the Theater
                Cast Party - Celebrate a Great Show!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Last update before show time!!!

I feel very blessed to have spent my birthday with such a beautiful group of people, doing something I love.  Thank you!!  I am also feeling very excited for opening tomorrow!  I am completely confident that we are going to have a great opening weekend!  Thank you for all your hard work and support! 

There are still tickets available for this weekend.  Tickets may still be reserved by emailing or we'll have them available at the Box Office until we run out.

See you soon! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photos and Video

Dear Parents,

I forgot to put signs up last night!  Please be aware of the following rules regarding photos and video for the remaining rehearsals and all performances: 

1.  Photos are fine, but only without flash!

2.  No video!  We have some license restrictions and the recreation department and I will be the ones to feel the consequences if they're broken.  If you took some video last night, please please please don't post it anywhere on the internet.  Keep it within your household and we'll be fine. 

A video will be filmed of each cast and will be available for your family to download after the show, so please just wait patiently for that.  Thank you!!    

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tech Dress Rehearsal Info & Make Up Info

If you have the handout from Thursday's rehearsal, all the info in this post is on the handout!


Gilroy High School Theater - 750 W. 10th Street, Gilroy - The school is on the corner of 10th St. and Princevalle St.  To find the theater, turn on Princevalle then in the first driveway on the right.  The theater is the first building on your right as you drive into the parking lot.  

Rehearsals - April 1, 2, 3, 4  - Mon/Wed/Thur from 4:30-7:30 and Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30
* Shooting to end at 7:30.  Please be patient if we need to go a little over! *

Performances - April 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 - Fridays:  5:30 Call & 7:00 Show, Saturdays:   2:00/6:00 Calls & 3:00/7:00 Shows and Sundays:  2:00 Call & 3:00 Show

Please arrive through the lobby and have your child sit in the first rows of the audience chamber until they are given further instructions.  (For shows, actors should enter through the back stage door.) 
I will do my best not to end late, but please be flexible if we need an extra 15 or so minutes.  If we are still working when you arrive, please quietly wait in the lobby or back rows of the audience chamber until we are done.  If you would like to talk with the other parents, please do so very quietly in the lobby or outside.   

Sign out sheets will be in the lobby.  Please be sure to sign out anyone you are driving home.  (For shows, there will not be sign out sheets.)


Food and drink are not allowed in the theater or backstage. 
Please bring a water bottle and labeled bag dinner (or snack if they eat dinner before they come -- dinner before rehearsal on Tuesday would be VERY helpful!).  There will be a designated area for food in the lobby.  Dinners/snacks will only be accessible during designated food breaks.
Please do not send sodas or other high sugar drinks (it makes the rest of our rehearsal very crazy). 


Costumes will only be worn April 3rd and 4th with the following exceptions:
Ariel may practice quick changes if needed
Sea Chorus and Sea Creatures with bulky costume pieces may practice with them also (Clams, Starfish, etc...)

Please have your child arrive in their costume.  
All costume accessories (crowns gloves, hats, etc...) and any other supplies should be brought to the theater in a small box or laundry basket to avoid accidentally damaging or dropping a piece. 
All costume pieces should be labeled inside with the actor’s name. 
Garment bags, laundry baskets, and boxes used for transporting costumes should also be labeled. 
Costume boxes/baskets may be left in the dressing room with the exception of the weekdays between shows (April 8th-11th)

Actors should never eat in their costumes.  Please send a change of clothes for their food break or a coverup of some sort (one of dad’s old button up shirts, etc...)

4.   HAIR: 
Costume sheets should list hair information.  If you are missing this information, please let Michelle know.   
Hair should be done before arriving at the theater unless you have made other arrangements with Michelle (unfortunately we don’t have enough dressing room and mirror space for 63 actors, and parents who aren’t fingerprinted can’t be with the actors). 
Please use gel and/or hairspray to secure “wispies.”
Please send a hairbrush or comb in case touch ups are needed.


Please apply make-up at home unless you have made other arrangements with Michelle (unfortunately we don’t have enough dressing room and mirror space for 63 actors, and parents who aren’t fingerprinted can’t be with the actors). 
For health reasons sharing of make-up is not permitted. Students need their own “make-up kit”! Inexpensive brands are just fine. Be sure to mark items with performer’s name and keep together in a box or bag that they bring to the theater for touch-ups.

1)  Begin with a clean, dry face.  Have make-up remover nearby, in case of mistakes.

2)  Apply a base/foundation that matches performer’s skin color.  Be sure to apply all the way up to the hairline and blend down the neck.

3)  Apply a natural color blush from under the cheekbones, across the cheekbones, up toward the ear.  Remember this is stage make-up that will be somewhat washed out under the bright theatrical lighting so apply extra.

4)  Using earth tones, apply eye shadow darkest on the lid and fading as you blend up toward the eyebrow (PLEASE NO BLUES, GREENS, etc... unless specifically requested on your costume sheet--Mersisters, Princesses, Sea Creatures and Sea Chorus may use a color that coordinates with their costume as long as they do not play another part).

5)  Apply black or brown eyeliner, (pencil and liquid are both fine.)  Begin applying at the inside corner of eye for the top lid, and the center of the bottom lid.  Do not bring out further than the length of your eyebrow. Color eyebrows a bit with a brown pencil as needed -- required if you are blonde!

 Apply black or dark brown mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.

 Blonde or light brown eyebrows should be filled in with a darker pencil.

8)  Apply a natural color lipstick (unless specifically requested on your costume sheet). 

9)  Use a very light dusting of plain cornstarch based baby powder or loose non-talc cosmetic powder over the entire face to “hold” the make-up.  Be sure the performer holds their breath before applying!